Representing Some of Coronado’s
Most Desired Rentals

If you are in search of a rental property on Coronado, it is our privilege to offer our services. However, you should be aware that rental properties are in high demand on the island and acquiring one can be quite competitive. Because of this demand for rental properties, especially during spring and early fall, visiting or calling our office may not yield results. Your best opportunities lie in taking the following steps.

  • Check our website often for available listings.
  • Sign up for email updates by using our online Tenant Seeking List sign up form. You will automatically get updates as we get listings.
  • Check the local newspaper, the Coronado Eagle & Journal which is distributed every Wednesday. The paper is available at local stores at the ParkLife offices on Wednesdays mornings and we strongly recommend taking action on any listings quickly. If you are not in the area, the newspaper’s website can be found here.
  • Place an ad in the local paper. Many property owners would rather select potential candidates rather than field many calls from an ad. To place an ad, call the paper at 619-437-8800. Be sure to include a description of your family, including if you have pets and what you are looking for. An ad will cost about $12 per week.
  • Contact local real estate companies and get on their lists.
  • Check Craigslist, Trulia and other real estate websites.